All prices are nett otherwise stated. Any mileage performed in addition to that quoted for will be charged pro rata. The most direct and shortest practicable route to the destination out and home will normally be taken unless otherwise specified. The person, firm or company ordering the vehicle(s) shall be responsible for the payment of the hire and any additional facilities immediately upon receipt of the Company’s demand for payment.

DURATION OF HIRE: It is essential that start and finish times are strictly adhered to as any additional time taken may result in additional hire charges as well as contravention of the driver’s hours regulations. No liability whatsoever shall attach to the Company or its employees in the event of such delay makes it impossible to complete the scheduled journey within the maximum permitted hours.

PURPOSE: The Hirer undertakes that the provisions relating to contract carriage operation contained in the Road Traffic Act, and any other enactments or regulations for the time being in force, are observed and that the journeys in question are bona fide contract carriage operations within the area of the distance for the time being allowed. The Hires will be liable to the Company in respect of any breach  of the above provisions.

SUB-LETTING: The Company’s vehicles may on no account be sub-let, lent or licensed by any Hirer.

CANCELLATIONS: In the event of any cancellation by the Hirer due to any cause whatsoever the Hirer agrees to pay the Company on demand a sum which in any event shall not exceed the hiring charge of the cancelled hiring, equivalent to the damages including loss of profit which may result to the Company from such cancellation and to the assessment of the sum the Company shall be the sole judge.

COMPLIANCE WITH STATUARY REQUIREMENTS: The Hirer undertakes that all the statuary requirements and regulations for the time being in force relating to the conduct of the passengers in Public Service Vehicles shall be complied with. The driver has the power to remove from the company’s vehicles any passenger contravening such Regulations. By law seat belts must be worn and the Company takes no responsibility for non compliance.

LUGGAGE, ETC: The driver for the time being of any vehicle hire hereunder shall be the sole arbitrator as to the kind of luggage or package which any passenger may bring upon the said vehicle. Any such luggage or package or other article shall not obstruct a gangway or emergency door of the vehicle but shall at all times be placed and retained in such a position as the driver may indicate. All luggage, package and belongings shall be deemed to be carried entirely at the owner’s risk and the Company shall not be responsible for any loss or damage caused thereto either on the journey or return or during the time that the vehicle is stationary in or at a car park or elsewhere even although the said vehicle may at such time be left unattended or otherwise howsoever.

LOST PROPERTY: Enquiries concerning lost property should be addressed to the Company in writing.

VEHICLES: The Company reserves the right to supply a larger vehicle than that ordered and to substitute other operators vehicles in place of its own on a journey out or home. The Company’s Private Hire Vehicles are constructed and adapted to transport seated passengers only. The Driver has strict instructions to enforce this condition. No vehicle may carry passengers in excess of the authorised seating capacity thereof.

BREAKDOWN, DELAY, ETC: The Company does not guarantee that any vehicle will complete any journey or any part thereof in any given time, and while the driver will conform with the reasonable requests of the members of the party, as to the reasonableness of which the driver alone shall be the judge, the Company declines all liability for any loss, inconvenience, damage or injury arising from unpunctuality in starting, transit, arrival or return or from failure to convey any member or members of the party howsoever caused. Drivers will, circumstances permitting, depart/return and arrive/leave intermediate stopping places at times agreed beforehand. For the greater convenience of the party drivers will only wait a reasonable time for stragglers or members of the party who may have failed to join the coach at the time so appointed.

DAMAGE: The actual Hirer will be held personally responsible for and shall indemnify the Company against any damage caused to the vehicle(s) as a result of negligence, wilful; or otherwise, of all or any member(s) of the party.

NOTICES: No advertisement bill, poster or placard may be displayed on any vehicle, except with the written prior consent of the Company, or in any event which can contravene the provisions of the Road Traffic Act, or any orders or regulations made thereunder or any Act amending or varying the same.

IMPOSSIBILITY OF PERFORMANCE: In the event of a National Emergency being declared or of a strike of all or any section of the Railway or Road Transport workers or of the happening of any event over which the Company has no control, the Company reserves to itself the right to cancel any order which in the opinion of the Company thereby becomes impossible of performance by the Company, and to refund to the Hirer any monies paid in connection therewith by way of deposit or in full settlement and such monies shall be received by the Hirer in full settlement of all claims or demands in respect of such cancellation, and the Company shall not be liable further or otherwise to the Hirer.

COMPLAINTS: Complaints respecting the Company’s Vehicles, Drivers or Officials should be made the subject of a written communication addressed to:-

Robinson Coach Travel, Coppice Road, Brownhills, Walsall WS8 7DG, UK